ZEST March-April 2017

Grit + Magic: Priestley + Associates Architecture Project Featured in Zest

The greatest challenge of this project was also its most rewarding aspect: the immense coordination of dozens of individuals—owners, consultants, craftspeople and design team—to create a carefully wrought, integrated and unique dwelling,” says John Priestley of Priestley + Associates Architecture.

John Priestley on the featured stone fireplace in this Midcoast Maine’s home project:

“Early in the process of design, walking the property together with the owner and builder, we recognized the opportunity to utilize and feature the handsome boulders and granite ledge present at the site. Close cooperation between the landscape architects, Todd Richardson and Emma Kelly, allowed us to interweave architecture with sizeable boulders—with portions of the building sitting on top of some and with the plan arranged to have others flanking the building.”

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