A Commitment to Design That Complements
Its Surroundings from Rockport, Maine,
Boston & Beyond

Our offices are located in Rockport, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts, and our portfolio demonstrates our affinity for New England’s regional styles, historically sensitive work, traditional forms and materials, and buildings that fit their context. Our most successful design projects appear to have a timeless quality and connectedness to their surroundings. Whether it’s a large municipal building project or modest home project, we frequently look to historical precedents for inspiration to reveal a project’s individual identity.


The individuals of P+A have experience in designing a broad variety of contemporary residential architecture, including island retreats, modernizing renovations, and projects that reflect a classic coastal style. We use sustainable materials, incorporate rich detail, and adopt an individualized aesthetic as a result of working closely with owners’ needs and budgets to design homes that complement their surroundings and honor their locations.


Priestley + Associates has been honored by the opportunities to enhance local communities’ aesthetics, improve utility, expand opportunities for community members, and restore historic buildings to their former architectural glory. Our commercial architectural projects have won professional and municipal awards for design merit, but even more rewarding to us are the favorable comments we have received from individuals living in the community.