Billing’s Cove Estate

Sargentville, Maine

By nestling organically with the topography, woodland, and ledge rock of its coastal setting, this 5,600 square foot residence achieves a humble and harmonious presence within its environment. The building rests upon numerous mossy boulders; granite from the site was used in its construction, contributing to countertops, chimneys, flooring, steps, showers, paving, stone walls, and columns. Oak from the property was felled and used to create the one of a kind dining room table. The living room fireplace is so large that the stone on which it rests had to be put in place before the walls could be built. In addition, the robust Douglas fir framing in the living room is mortise and tenon joined and bound with hand-forged iron bands. These trusses contribute to the aesthetic as well as the structure. Solar panels generate enough energy to run geothermal heat pumps for effectively free heating and cooling. Inclusive of guest cottage, barn, boat house, and two ravine-spanning bridges, this project received an American Society of Landscape Award in 2015.

Photography © Darren Setlow