Bluff Top Elegance – Maine Home + Design, March 2015

Bluff Top Elegance: Priestley + Associates’ Contemporary Design for Maine

Marrying the traditional and contemporary, this house…sits on a bluff above Penobscot Bay. The placement of the house, breezeway, and garage were dictated by the curving topography of the land. The white cedar shingles, asphalt roofs, columns, and gables are traditional, but interpreted with spare lines and orthogonal forms….The cedar trellis on the orange-brown rectangle above the front entry is for vegetation that will soon connect with one of the green roofs planned for the front portico, living room, and breezeway.”

A Contemporary Home that Feels True to Maine

In the end, two structures—a house and a garage connected by a covered breezeway—were situated to follow the contour of the land. John Priestley, now of Priestley and Associates Architecture in Rockport, explains that the topography and the view demanded different orientations. As a result, the floor plan was purposely skewed to emphasize the direct views toward the water. Happily, the feature of the design allowed for a solar orientation and created interior angles and trapezoidal forms that suited the homeowners’ desires to combine the contemporary and the traditional.

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