Priestley + Associates in the New Yorker


Anyone perusing the latest issue of the New Yorker might have been stopped by the eye-catching full-page Priestley + Associates Architecture ad. We’re thrilled to be so prominently positioned in the magazine’s pages this season! We chose this image, a simple, up-close photo by Darren Setlow of an oceanside home foregrounded by the Priestley + Associates logo, for its combination of striking beauty, understatement, and its charming nod to Maine: Centered in the photo is the image of a buoy showing through the window of the home – a synchronous visual element that caught the photographer’s eye.

More on the House Featured in Our Ad:

The home featured in the New Yorker ad is a 5,500 square foot seasonal home, a Priestley + Associates design that embraces its century-old architectural community. True to character of its history of Shingle Style antecedents, this residence was conceived and detailed with traditional elements to achieve a timeless quality. P+A utilized architecturally correct Tuscan order columns, historically derived detailing, axial order, symmetry, and classical proportioning, with the goal of creating an edifice faithful to the architectural continuum. Read more about the project