“The New Small House” by Katie Hutchison

White on White: Priestley + Associates’ Small Home Renovation in Rockport Village

Once a blacksmith shop, the now predominately white exterior and interior display a combination of distinctive details integrated with a succinct finish palette. ‘Keeping the aesthetic very clean and very minimal has a calming effect,’ says architect John Priestley.

On the appeal of the white home situated on the coast of Maine:

The succinct palette of white, rhythmic tongue-and-groove boards allow the open sitting area, dining area, and kitchen, which includes cabinets faced in the same boards, to blur into each other. The white board backdrop carries up the stairs and across the second-floor walls and ceiling, uniting the small house’s varied open spaces into what feels like a generous nuanced space. A quiet, quartersawn, white oak floor runs throughout. Homeowners Michael Hampton and David Kantor were attracted to the crisp and airy effect. “I think we both were drawn to the simplicity of it, the views and the quality of light in the house,” says Michael. Of course, they were also drawn to the location near the water in a village not far from Camden, Maine.

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